A fun and friendly resource for parents and children with OCD

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Get a glimpse of Cinnamon's daily life by peeking inside the book!

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Get advice from Stuck's expert author Rhonda Martin on the unique challenges of parenting a child with OCD.

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A significant number of children with OCD are not diagnosed or misdiagnosed. Learn more about OCD in children. 

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Stuck Is Written For...

This book was written to help those parents who tirelessly desire to help their tenderly loved young child with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As primary caregiver, you might notice that your child exhibits more symptoms in your “safe” environment than she will at school, church, Grandma’s house, or the neighbor’s jungle gym. This is a positive reflection on your parenting, as she finds unconditional love and acceptance with you. She doesn’t need to hide this confusing secret from you. Yet these manifestations of OCD can be exhausting for you. Continually, you seek to understand her concerns and to comfort her while she struggles. This book will help guide you both to discuss her hurt and frustration, while giving her words and pictures to “feel” while you grow in a shared understanding.