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OCD & Me By Ben Gander

OCD is a debilitating, very serious and common mental illness, a far cry from the fad that popular culture has tried to turn it into. This semi-autobiographical tale tells of one man’s suffering and struggles to keep his family and his sanity. After suffering in silence for many years, when the extent of his illness becomes clear, Mark is sent to a psychiatric hospital. There he is forced to fight or to lose everything. ‘OCD & Me’ is heavily based on the author’s own experience of the illness.  He now leads a full and fantastic life with his wife and children. He hopes his story can help give hope to other sufferers and their families so that they too can turn their life around and enjoy it to the full.

This is a semi-biographical book written by OCD sufferer Ben Gander, which tells the story of the character Mark’s struggles with the illness. The book is a real tear-jerker, which initially might have you struggling to like Mark, but by the end, you will feel nothing but empathy for Mark and the family. The book provides a real insight into how OCD can impact on an entire family.

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